Stolen Identity

Has your identity ever been stolen. Read Peter and Pattimari’s book and see what happens to a man’s identity that was stolen~


Joseph’s life has been seriously compromised when he awakens one morning to find that he has no identity. His life has been temporarily ruined and turned upside down, but thank heaven for Louie, his grandpapa who offers him financial stability while he helps him find the perp who stole his identity.
This story, although fiction, represents events that happen every day which left unattended can bring ruin to a happy productive life

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Another year, 2014, another year to give thanks for all the wonderful things life has given you.

This year, I’ve met so many talented people that it warms my heart to think about them and I certainly want to give thanks for them.

PnPAuthors Promotions has grown so big that Peter and I have had to bring in our Administrator, Harmony Brooks to help. We are looking forward to publishing our first issue of our magazine in January 2015. We’re hoping it will be a great success. With all the people that have already come in to participate in it, I am sure it will be.

Peter and I want to thank all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi

Peter & Pattimari’s Amazon Kindles

Dancing with our Love COVER

This is Peter & Pattimari’s first book they wrote together; it is about how they met, wrote a fantasy story four months before they met, and when they did, this book was published and one year later, they married. They left their first emails to one another as they were, along with the fantasy they created, claiming the two main characters where of course – them.

Peter & Pattimari are husband & wife team authors. They have published over 18 books together and continue to write.

They write in different genres; children, crime/mystery, time-travel, near-death experience, Psychology, Medical information, Fantasy, and the list goes on~

Meet Guest Author Petie McCarty

I think Chris, the Story Reading Ape is tops. He helps authors. I tell everybody about this big guy!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Petie McCarty

Hiya, Story-Reading Ape! Thanks so much for having me!

Holy Cow! I did it! I made the “big decision” this summer and gave up the day job to write full-time. So far, I couldn’t be more excited. Within two weeks of the big decision, my publisher offered a contract for my fifth novel, so I’m sailing full steam ahead.

Now, giving up the day job may sound like a hardship or a rescue of sorts — to have two full-time jobs and give up one — but that is not true at all. I was one of the lucky ones who had a dream job as a biologist at the “the Most Magical Place on Earth.” I worked in the land of fairy tales by day and created my own fairy tales by night.


So what do I write? I have two series I work on for the most part…

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PnPAuthors come together to write an exciting book~

PnPAuthors come together and write an thrilling, exciting book. Each author wrote a chapter until it was done. It was interesting to see how it was going to end until the last author wrote his/her last chapter. It was fun! And the book holds rewards. It’s on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other international bookstores.

PnPAuthors Promotions

Dancing Upon My Grave 

It’s at Amazon

It’s at Barnes & Nobel

It’s at International bookstores

Buy it!

All Authors of this book are: Wandalyn Thomas, Charles Ray, Harmony Brooks, Michael Alvin, Peter & Pattimari Cacciolfi

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