Meet Guest Author Petie McCarty

I think Chris, the Story Reading Ape is tops. He helps authors. I tell everybody about this big guy!

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Petie McCarty

Hiya, Story-Reading Ape! Thanks so much for having me!

Holy Cow! I did it! I made the “big decision” this summer and gave up the day job to write full-time. So far, I couldn’t be more excited. Within two weeks of the big decision, my publisher offered a contract for my fifth novel, so I’m sailing full steam ahead.

Now, giving up the day job may sound like a hardship or a rescue of sorts — to have two full-time jobs and give up one — but that is not true at all. I was one of the lucky ones who had a dream job as a biologist at the “the Most Magical Place on Earth.” I worked in the land of fairy tales by day and created my own fairy tales by night.


So what do I write? I have two series I work on for the most part…

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